• Cute Eats Cute

    Book Cover, Print, Typography

  • The Crafty Underdog Posters

  • Jolly Giants

    Branding, Print

  • Friendly Fronts

    Booklets, Branding, Print

  • Stumptown Media

    Branding, Logo

  • Hamline Midway Investment Co-op

    Branding, Print

  • Stumptown Sweethearts

    Illustration, Poster, Print

  • Plain Jane Press

    Branding, Print

  • Hamline Midway Spring Festival

    Branding, Poster, Print

  • Foster Art Night

    Branding, Poster, Print

  • Stickers, Buttons, and Patches


  • Posters

    Art Direction, Posters, Print

  • Ending Recording Studio

    Branding, Print

  • Banners, Signs, and Menus

    Banner, Print